You need Shop Drawings and a Cut List

From Parametric modeling and Design for Cabinets, Construction and Architectural Products to Renderings, 3D Prints, Working Drawings, Cutting lists, Nesting Layouts, G-code and Virtual Reality, TEKNICAD CAD STUDIO is your project construction partner.


Shop Drawings for Straight, Curved, Winder, Laser cut, Structural and Bespoke Stairs

Shop Drawings, Rendering, Cut lists, Nesting, G-code and Labels

Working Drawings for Decks, Sheds, Pergolas and Framing

What are Shop Drawings?

Shop drawings are visual directions for constructing projects that are built by craftspeople (carpenters, welders, machinists) offsite or in a "shop", a place of manufacturing. 

Shop drawings show the craftspeople what they are building  and how they are building it. They also show clients or designers exactly how the project is being built.

What are Sales Drawings?

A sales drawing shows the client (e.g. Home owner, approval board) what is to be built, but necessarily how it is built. A sales drawing may be a colour rendering.

What is a Construction Drawing?

A construction drawing or Working drawing is like a shop drawing but for construction done onsite and therefore subject to building code review. Example trades using Construction drawings are drywall, framing, HVAC, plumbing and foundations.