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You will get Superb Millwork Engineering Shop Drawings

Detailer: Earl Morgan (20+ years Experience)

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About this Service

Transform your millwork projects with our cutting-edge Millwork Engineering service! Using advanced 3D modeling technology, at your direction we generate precise AutoCAD shop drawings for PDF output.

Quality Control

Your job gets both a detailer and a checker for quality assurance. As an alternative to CabinetVision, Mozaik and Microvellum we use a custom Fusion 360 library to generate cutting lists, nesting, rendering and G-code for seamless fabrication.


This millwork detailing service is suitable for Institutional and office cabinetry, Retail and bespoke  solutions.

Freelance Millwork Detailing: 

Part time/Full time rates available


✅ Accurately Dimensioned Drawings

PDF Delivery

Detailer and Checker assigned to your Job

✅ Typical turn around: <1 Week


Everything in Standard +

Cutting List


Everything in Enhanced +

DXF Nesting or G-Code

Optional Add-ons


Interior Design

Rush Order

TEKNICAD prepares Shop drawings for Kitchens, Closets, renovations, AWI millwork, Retail fixtures and special projects.

We are 2D & 3D CAD specialists in architectural millwork, high end kitchens and 3D construction modeling. Shop Drawings are our specialty. Our Millwork engineering service provides the shop drawings that impress the clients, instruct the craftsmen and coordinate parts and installation.


Because of our broad experience in many situations over 20 years we can handle almost any sort of specialty project of architectural fabrication. We partner with fabricators, designers and contractors to meet their deadlines on the shop floor.