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You will get amazing 3D floating Stair model and drawing

Detailer: Earl Morgan (10+ years Experience in Stairs)

About this Service

Not everyone can model floating and feature stairs. Project flexibility requires parametric CAD and experience.

I offer Parametric Modeling, Drafting and Rendering of Floating and feature stairs with Fusion 360 and AutoCAD. This may include dxf layouts for laser/plasma if you purchase that package. Output DWG/DXF/PDF/STEP . 10 years experience.

Freelance Stair Detailing


✅ Accurately Dimensioned Drawings

✅ PDF Delivery

✅ Typical turn around: 2 Days

Optional Add-ons

✅ Rendering

✅ Interior Design

✅ DXF Nesting or G-Code

Rush Order