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Millwork Shop Drawings

TEKNICAD prepares Shop drawings for Kitchens, Closets, renovations, AWI millwork, Retail fixtures and special projects.

Do you use Microvellum, 2020, e-cabinets?

Our service can do what vertical cabinet software does. We create DXF toolpaths, Cutlists and Bills of Material from AutoCAD 3D solids so you can cut your kitchen or retail project on the CNC.

Do you use Sketchup, Fusion 360?

Yes, we are experts in Sketchup (with Layout) and Fusion 360. Your project can be rendered and illustrated for step by step assembly.

How does pricing work?

We price by project with options for rush, revisions and 3D. Please send the design sketches or drawings and we will send an estimate to get started.

Do you design brand casegoods?

Yes. We develop furniture lines for brands (think IKEA) and hospitality (Marriott). We will take care of assembly hardware and instructions, packaging and rendering.