Millwork Shop Drawings

TEKNICAD prepares Shop drawings for Kitchens, Closets, renovations, AWI millwork, Retail fixtures and special projects.

We are 2D & 3D CAD specialists in architectural millwork, high end kitchens and 3D construction modeling. Shop Drawings are our specialty. Our Millwork engineering service provides the shop drawings that impress the clients, instruct the craftsmen and coordinate parts and installation.


Because of our broad experience in many situations over 20 years we can handle almost any sort of specialty project of architectural fabrication. We partner with fabricators, designers and contractors to meet their deadlines on the shop floor.


CAD Shop Drawing Process

Your shop drawing order will be organized by millwork unit and room, detailed and dimensioned on PDF or DWG and include DXF to CNC toolpaths (or cutlists) if requested. We can work your manufacturing process whether you use Microvellum, Solidworks, Cabinetvision, e-cabinets or 2020.


We have an extensive dynamic 2D and 3D library from which we generate shop drawings for cabinetry, reception desks, stainless food prep, wine racks, courtroom paneling, staircases and dental office units. From our 3D models we also generate quick renderings and machinable files.

Industry Standards

Shop Drawing Specifications

We generate engineering CAD shop drawings and patterns for customized millwork as per design standards specified under NKBA, AWI and local building codes and observe specification manuals for materials and finish.


Digital millwork engineering

We work from sketches images and project design drawings. The drawing package is delivered as PDF and machinable files as DXF. Renderings can also be requested.



Drawing Features


CAD Standards

We adapt to our clients standards to work with their workflow. Every manufacturer has their own style of construction and their own border. Our emphasis remains to create proper, accurate shop drawing on time.


Digital Joinery

We can be very specific about where hardware holes go especially if you want the CAD data to go directly to CNC. Just tell us what hardware you prefer. However, the priority is getting the project out on time. Sometimes the craftsmen locate holes faster than the engineer.


Do you use Microvellum, 2020, e-cabinets?

Our service can do what vertical cabinet software does. We create DXF toolpaths, Cutlists  and Bills of Material from AutoCAD 3D solids so you can cut your kitchen or retail project on the CNC.

Do you use Sketchup, Fusion 360?

Yes, we are experts in Sketchup (with Layout) and Fusion 360. Your project can be rendered and illustrated for step by step assembly.

How does pricing work?

We price by project with options for rush, revisions and 3D. Please send the design sketches or drawings and we will send an estimate to get started.

We have experience with 

Why outsource millwork drafting services to us?

You are dealing with shop drawing professionals with over 20 years experience. Whether your project is 10 pages or 100 pages we've been there before. We make remote working work by constant communication and progress reports


Our core strengths include:

Experience with a wide variety of architectural fabrication in wood, acrylic and metal.

Ability to work with your team's CAD models from SolidWorks Inventor, SketchUp, Rhino, PDF etc.


Bakery kiosk

Furniture Design, Equipment Layout and Rendering

Tim Hortons Cafe

Equipment Layout

Mall Kiosk

Completely modeled for Shop Drawings

Cash Exchange Kiosk

Completely modeled for Shop Drawings

Superfeet Display

Package and display Rendering